Count Your Blessings!

Historically, Thanksgiving was observed in America and Canada as a day when people celebrated the harvest of the previous season and felt thankful for the bounty of nature. Soon, however, Thanksgiving transcended its religious roots and came to be observed as a secular occasion with people expressing their gratitude for various things in life. This year we thought that we will take a moment off from thinking about the grand feasts that mark Thanksgivings and consider, instead, the little things in life that we are grateful for. We asked our staff at India Restaurant to engage in this exercise with us and were truly overwhelmed with some of the responses that we received.

Our staff told us that they are thankful for the gift of kindness and compassion that they receive from strangers, as also for the love and support of their families. We often take these small acts of generosity – from friends and strangers – for granted. A little introspection led us to realize that if we choose to count our blessings, we will recognize how truly rich our lives are! Our staff also pointed out to us that they are grateful for their health and their education, which now helps them to support their families.


Diwali celebration at India

We wanted to know what our staff appreciated most about working with us at India Restaurant. We felt humbled by their replies.

Tita said that she got a job at India Restaurant despite her language limitations. For people who are not well-versed in English it is extremely difficult, to say the least, to find work in the US. For Tita the job opportunity was life-changing, she got to explore her abilities and achieve much in that process.

Ankit too was thankful for the opportunity to be able to do the kind of work that he likes at India Restaurant.

Dristee echoed her sentiments and added that she could be herself at her workplace which was a huge boost to her morale.

Zach said that he was happy to meet the different kinds of people that he served at India Restaurant.

Miranda was especially grateful for having found employers who were willing to walk the extra mile for her even when they were not bound to, making adjustments and compromises to accommodate her needs and theirs.

Nathalie, Shahiza, YC, Kikho, and Aritson agreed with Miranda. They appreciated their work environment and their co-workers, who treated each other with respect and warmth, functioning as one big family. Nathalie added, “Before working here I was pretty much on my own, but each person at India Restaurant has added something positive to my life.” “Anyone who works at India Restaurant leaves a better and more confident person,” Aritson chipped in.

Ajay considers himself to be a “people’s person” and India Restaurant gives him the perfect chance to immerse himself in a kind of job where he can be of service to others. Kikho, however, had the last word on this: she said, “more than anything else, I’m thankful for the chicken vindaloo that the staff get to eat regularly at India Restaurant!”

Amar is thankful for having a great team that works well together and create a joyous environment. He considers it as “truly a blessing…”

Staff Summer Party

Staff Summer Party
Staff Summer Party

There are things in life that go unnoticed. Thanksgiving is about acknowledging those little things. What do you value most in life? What are you most thankful for? Share your stories with us at India when you join us this week for an after-Thanksgiving meal with people that you treasure the most.

  • Somrita Urni Ganguly

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