Jobs for DJ

Job Descriptions:

A disc Jockey (also called DJ, or deejay) is an individual who selects and plays prerecorded music for an intended audience. Disc jockey - Origin of term. The term was first used to describe radio announcers who would introduce and play popular gramophone records, but today there are a number of factors, including the selected music, the intended audience, the performance setting, the preferred medium, and the development of sound manipulation, that have led to different types of deejays.

DJ equipment may consist of:

Sound recordings in a DJ's preferred medium (e.g., vinyl records, Compact Discs, computer media files, etc.) A combination of two devices (or only one, if playback is digital) to play sound recordings, for alternating back and forth to create a continuous playback of music (e.g., record players, Compact Disc players, computer media players such as an MP3 player, etc.) A sound system for amplification or broadcasting of the recordings (e.g., portable audio system, PA system) or a radio broadcasting system A DJ mixer, which is an electronic (usually 2- or 4-channel) audio mixer usually equipped with a crossfader used to smoothly go from one song to another, using two or more playback devices Headphones, used to listen to one recording while the other recording is being played to the audience Optionally, a microphone, so that the DJ can introduce songs and speak to the audience Other equipment could or can be added to the basic DJ setup (above), providing unique sound manipulations.

Such devices include, but are not limited to:

Electronic effects units (delay, reverb, octave, equalizer, chorus, etc.). Some club DJs use a sub-harmonic synthesizer effect which either doubles low frequencies with energy added an octave lower or synthesizes harmonics such that the impression of a very low bass sound is added to the mix A computerised performance system, which can be used with vinyl emulation software to manipulate digital files on the computer in real time Multi-stylus head shells, which allow a DJ to play different grooves of the same record at the same time Special DJ digital controller hardware can manipulate digital files on a PC or laptop Samplers, sequencers, electronic musical keyboards (synthesizers), or drum machines. Several techniques are used by DJs as a means to better mix and blend recorded music Other equipment could or can be added to the basic DJ setup (above), providing unique sound manipulations.

Jobs For Executive chef


Executive chef has complete charge of the kitchen and stewarding they plan, organise and supervise daily culinary operations. They direct and coordinate the work of production, direct and participate in the daily preparation of standard and gourmet food items, create and enhance menu, and creative cuisine preparation in line with international standards, and design recipes. They also develop standard recipes and maintain up-dated and accurate costing of all dishes prepared and sold, ensure overall consistency and high quality across the various operations, develop menus in accordance with consumer tastes, nutritional needs, ease of preparation and established procedures and budgetary constraints; and participate in other menu planning activities to include the determination of purchasing specifications, product and recipe testing and menu development.


Executive chef supervises the culinary team using a comprehensive menu management program. They maintain comprehensive product knowledge including ingredients, equipment, suppliers, markets and current trends and make appropriate adjustments to kitchen operations accordingly, prepare operational reports and analyses make appropriate recommendations, maintain proper inventory controls for food, supplies, and equipment, ensures the highest level of customer service.

Leadership Requirements:

Executive chef should lead through vision and values adapt to and manage change effectively, provide leadership to the departments, strong Decision Making capabilities, and should have strategic Orientation.

Managerial requirements:

Executive chef should have clear concise written and verbal communication skills, demonstrate interpersonal skills and team work, abilities to inspire, train, and develop people and manage their productivity, commercial awareness, and problem Solving Approach.

Jobs For Assistant Chef

Job Descriptions:

India Restaurant’s goal is to have an efficient operation with a friendly and attentive staff. We consider each employee an important representative. We are looking to employ people who are friendly, cheerful with visitors as well as with fellow employees, can work as a team, are self-starters and hard workers. IEach employee is highly visible to our guests and therefore we insist that each employee present a neat and clean appearance. Our standards are high and we expect employees to meet those standards.

About the position:

You'll assist the Chefs/Head Chefs in preparing balanced, wholesome meals that fuel our guests and staff for their day of activities. We attempt to use as many fresh ingredients in our dishes as possible and have a healthy eating charter. Part of your working week will involve a combination of breakfast, lunch and evening meal shifts. This is a varied role that includes food preparation, cooking and service of meals and ensuring the kitchen and dining areas are kept clean, tidy and adhere to our health and safety standards. You will also be responsible for the day to day management, training and ongoing development of the team of catering assistants. If you're looking for a gateway into a career in catering, within a supportive, rewarding and fun environment, this could be the position for you. We’re looking for people who are enthusiastic; enjoy working as part of a fast-paced team and who are willing to learn.

Jobs For Head Waitress

Job Descriptions:

The ideal candidate for this role will require previous restaurant and wine service experience from within a 4 or 5 star hotel or from within a stand alone restaurant. Experience at a fine dining level is essential rosettes or similar standard. The role will require you to work as part of a team to provide exceptional service and smooth delivery of service.
We look forward to receiving all applications however due to the high number of applications we are only able to contact candidates which closely match the level of skills and experience of the requirements of our clients. However for more information or opportunities please contact us or forward your cv for consideration. The responsibility for ensuring local residents and tourists receive service in a courteous, efficient and polite manner while keeping a professional attitude. The responsible for keeping the serving areas, dining rooms, and lobby area clean according to company policies and procedures. Recording accurate guest orders with a suggestive selling approach. Responsibilities also included completing all side work, stocking, and daily cleaning tasks and they assist in the preparation of appetizers, salads, beverages and desserts. Principle studies included: Advanced Customer Service Skills, Business Communications, Business Management, Culinary Preparation Techniques, Food Service Management, Human Resources, Marketing Strategy, Psychology, and Social Psychology.
Head Waitress must have excellent interpersonal and verbal communication skills with customers, fellow employees, and managers. Ability to smile and display a professional appearance and attitude that constantly exemplifies excellence in job performance. Ability at working well with others while learning and exhibiting a positive outlook.
Skilled at assisting with seating assignments and in the preparation of the restaurant for service, ensuring cleanliness of the dining area at all times. The candidate will answer phones and take reservations, guide servers and bus persons to ensure optimum service to guests answer questions and fulfill guests’ requests.

Jobs For Bar Person

Job Descriptions:

As a bar person your main duties would include; serving customers with drinks, collecting payment and operating the till, providing snacks, such as crisps and nuts. You may also create cocktails for customers and, during busy periods, you may help serve hot and cold food.
You would be responsible for keeping the bar area clean and well stocked, which would involve; washing glasses, emptying ashtrays, storing empty bottles, and clearing and cleaning tables and the bar regularly.You would also play a key role in creating a welcoming, friendly atmosphere and talking with customers.
Bar staff serve drinks, snacks and often hot or cold food to customers in licensed premises. They also take payments, chat to customers, check details of customers who appear to be under age, assist with special promotions, keep the bar area clean and well stocked, wash glasses, and clean and clear tables regularly. Bar managers manage licensed premises. Their work may also include; recruiting, training and supervising staff, setting price levels and ensuring sales targets are met, stocktaking, ordering from suppliers and arranging deliveries, keeping the books, paying wages and dealing securely with large amounts of cash, and ensuring that legal and health and safety requirements are upheld.
The hours of work may be long and almost always involve evening and weekend work. Full-time employees usually work shifts, but bar staff often work part time. Bars may be hot, noisy and crowded. The work requires long periods of standing and usually involves lifting and carrying crates, beer barrels and boxes. The pub, bar and nightclub industry is currently suffering from the recession. In the longer term, however, the hospitality, leisure, travel and tourism sector is still predicted to grow. Employers range from small bars, clubs and hotels to national chains of breweries and pub management companies.

Jobs For Head Waiter

Job Descriptions:

Strong communication skills and a calm attitude are crucial for this role. Applicants must be driven and highly presentable. As Head Waiter you will be responsible for running service and managing the front of house team during your shift, ensuring standards are set and maintained. You must be able to demonstrate excellent menu knowledge and have a genuine passion for delivering exceptional customer service. Previous supervisory experience is essential. Strong communication skills and a calm attitude are crucial for this role. Applicants must be driven and highly presentable.
We are looking for an enthusiastic and experienced Head Waiter to join the busy team at India Restaurant.