Meat for the Health Conscious

Do you like meat but want to avoid the saturated fat in beef or pork? Do you enjoy your meat well-cooked but would like to stay away from deep-fried dishes? Well, Tandoori Chicken is the answer to your cravings!

Tandoori Chicken, a delicacy from the Northern parts of India, now exported to the Western world, is a preparation where the meat is marinated with yogurt and a blend of Indian spices and then put in a tandoor, that is a clay oven, the likes of which are said to have existed even in the ancient Harappan civilisation. The meat is grilled until tender. If the oven is traditional and the fire fueled by charcoal then the chicken also gets a delicious, smoky flavour from the burnt coal.


Tandoori Chicken from India Restaurant


You can have your chicken tandoori as an hors d’oeuvre or as an entrée. You could team it with a green salad, or with different kinds of Indian breads such as rumali rotis or various naans. You could also use this grilled chicken to prepare another Indian gravy-based dish: Butter Chicken.

If making it at home sounds like an effort, head to India Restaurant and try our Tandoori Chicken popular with most of our customers. Rich in flavours, the chicken tandoori is also an extremely healthy way to consume your lean-meat proteins! Our chicken tandoori is made using the meat of free-range birds, that are all natural, non-GMO, and antibiotics free. We do not put any food coloring or chemicals into it hence it’s not the typical red color. We marinate our meat for over forty-eight hours and then broil it to perfection. It is usually served with potatoes and kale salad.

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