The Yuletide Spirit

The world is divided into three categories of people: the believers, the non-believers, and those who are undecided and, therefore, travel between these two zones frequently. However, what brings people together around the world on December 25 is the spirit of Christmas, whether or not one chooses to accept the story of Bethlehem, a carpenter, a Virgin Mother, and the birth of Christ, the Savior. It is a spirit of giving and sharing, and a promise of love and solidarity. At India, we asked our staff what Christmas means to them. “Christmas is a holiday,” Zach said cheerfully. For others it signifies a whole range of emotions: from joy and happiness to love and good cheer. Miranda set things in perspective for us by suggesting that “Christmas is a day to enjoy the company of family and friends and to also celebrate Jesus’s fake birthday!”


Christmas Party Staff 2018

As children, we often waited around a Christmas tree eagerly, counting the minutes until we had the permission to unwrap our gifts, left to us in the dark of the night by a jolly, old man in a red coat, called Santa Claus. Growing up, even though we started doubting the story of the pot-bellied man from the North Pole with his sledge and reindeers, we knew that the gifts did not appear under the tree magically, out of thin air, on their own. We realised that there were people in our lives trying their best to make our wishes come true. We asked our staff what they would wish for if they could write a secret letter to Santa. Tita said that she wishes for a vacuum cleaner this Christmas, and Aritson for tools and a toolbox. Nathalie said that she would like to have some chocolates or a pair of pretty earrings. Axel and Jonah said that they would be happy with whatever they received from Mr. Santa Claus. Shahiza said that she would like the gift of good food this Christmas. Kikho and Miranda were rather specific about their wishes. Kikho wanted to be spoilt with “a lot of booze”. Miranda asked for “a ’73 Dodge Challenger, preferably in a matte black shade, with an orange facing stripe on the top.” Zach very generously said, “I want joy and peace for everyone on earth, this Christmas.”

Remember, you could be someone’s Secret Santa too this year (and for the years to come), fulfil their wishes, shower them with love, attention, care, and give them the gift of your time! Join us at India on Christmas Day with your family and friends, for a large, merry meal, and be the reason for their smiles!