Rice Specialties

Kale Khicheri

India’s Super Food! – Kale, fresh tomatoes, peppers and mushrooms in 100% olive oil, added to our basic khicheri made with wild rice, quinoa and lentils, flavored with turmeric and fresh ginger. [GF] [V]


A fragrant Basmati rice delicacy prepared by simmering rice and meat or vegetables together with raisins, almonds, cashews, fresh cilantro and aromatic spices. Served with fresh mint & cucumber raita on the side. [GF]

Veggie & Paneer $19.99 | Veggie & Tofu $19.99 | Chicken $20.99 | Lamb $22.99 | Shrimp $22.99 | Slow-cooked Goat $23.99 | India’s Biryani – paneer, mushrooms, chicken, lamb and shrimp $24.99